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1970 Modified Dune Buggy Listed by ekrugg admin This listing has been viewed 1009 times

City: Whitesboro
State: NY
Phone: 315-525-3794
Zip: 13495
Country: USA
Price: $68,000
Make: Dune Buggy
Year: 1970
Status: Active
Full Description: THIS DUNE BUGGY IS A NATIONAL-INTERNATIONAL 2000-2001 CLASS CHAMPION. From ISCA International Show Car Association and AVA All Volks Association 2000 All points First Place Combined Catagory V & VI...Shows include the ISCA Circuit in Boston, Baltimore Maryland, Cleveland Ohio, Niagara Falls Ontario, Ottawa Canada, Syracuse-Buffalo and New Hartford New York...

Here is an unbelievable, modified, customized, 30 years labor of love, 1970 Dune Buggy..If you ever have had the thought of owning the best of the best, multiple award winning vehicle, you have to come and see this awesome dune buggy. The following descriptions and pictures will show you every aspect that is needed for you to purchase this item. Double click on any picture and see and upclose look and decide for yourself...Here is a quote from "WHEEL WORLD MAGAZINE" >>>>>"NIARGARA FALLS, NEW YORK---A campy 70's sinbad movie was the inspiration for one of the most original works of art at this years Wheel World Car Show, says dune buggy owner Dennis Jacobs. When he started working on it thirty years ago, the modified Volkswagon was meant for drag racing. But after taking it off the road a few years back, Jacobs has turned the car into a mobile mural. Once in a while we drive it at some shows--some of the cruises, he said. But now, most of the dune buggy's milage is put on "mostly in and out of the trailer". WHEEL WORLD, now in it's eighth year, tries to attract show cars that have some thing different about them, says organizer Jim McBurny. I want something for everybody. That's what the audience seems to want. Jacob's Dune Buggy, certainly fits the bill. With thousands of dollars invested in it, the buggy, nicknamed, "MIRAGE", is a sight to see. When he took it off the road, he repainted it with a special harlequin paint. It makes the body appear different colors--purple, pink or gold--depending on how the light hits it. At $70.00 and ounce, it's a pricy paint job. The sides of the buggy have airbrushed murals depicting scenes from the 1977 flick, SINBAD AND THE EYE OF THE TIGER", Castles are imbedded in the interior upholstery. Jacobs, a 55 year old home improvement contractor from Utica New York, picked the desert theme as a tribute to his Lebanese heritage. This dune buggy is built on a 1970's Volkswagen chassis and has a VW 1600 cc engine. Every part of the famous rear-mounted motor is either chromed or painted with the same funky paint job the body has..Jacob's was one of the dozens of exhibitors who filled the SKYLON Tower's plaza level with one-of-a-kind displays at this years WHEEL WORLD SHOW"... **PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO GO TO THE WEBSITE TO SEE ALL OF THE PHOTOS AND WRITE-UP.

Body Style: Dunebuggy