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1959 Volkswagen Dune Buggy!! Listed by ekrugg admin This listing has been viewed 79 times

Phone: 480-753-4599 or 602-579-4334 Cell
Engine Size: N/A
Horse Power: N/A
Model: Custom Dune Buggy
Price: $9,500
Make: Volkswagen
Year: 1959
Full Description: As you read through my description please consider first the value that I have invested in this buggy (STUFF YOU WON’T HAVE TO DO). THE VALUE IN THIS PURCHASE COMES IN THAT ALL THE INTERNAL WORK HAS BEEN COMPLETED! THE ENGINE AND OTHER INTERNAL SYSTEMS HAVE BEEN REBUILT WITH ALL NEW PARTS FROM GROUND UP. I REALIZE THE ASKING PRICE IS GREAT AND MOST BUGGIES OUT THERE ARE SELLING 'AS IS' FOR BETWEEN $4000-$6000. HOWEVER MOST OF THOSE BUGGIES DO NOT RUN WELL AND ALTHOUGH NOT SEEN IN THE LISTING, THEY NEED TONS OF WORK! THIS WAS NOT AN INEXPENSIVE PROJECT HOWEVER MOST OWNERS FOCUS ON THE COSMETIC EXTERIOR AND THEIR BUGGIES RUN TERRIBLY! WITH THIS PURCHASE YOU WON'T BREAK DOWN AND BE WALKING TO GET HELP. YOU GET TO FOCUS ON THE FUN STUFF LIKE ADDING A NEW STEREO OR A STORAGE BOX OR A NEW PAINT JOB (ALTHOUGH THE PAINT ON THIS BUGGY IS IN GREAT CONDITION AS IS). Offered for your consideration is this vintage VW Manx Style Dune Buggy. Astute enthusiasts have classified it as either a “Bush Buggy” by Virgil, made in California in the early 1970’s or a "Corsair" buggy. Since I'm not an expert, I'll leave it to the buyer to determine. It sits on a 1959 pan and was constructed in 1980. I purchased it in October 2014. As I decided to make it street legal, the state of Arizona reclassified its’ Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) as a 2015 Special Construction (‘SPECO’) vehicle. I purchased it from a seller in Lake Havasu City, Arizona who spends part of the year in Idaho. The vehicle was in Idaho but moved to Arizona in 2013-2014. The front tires are 5-7 years old but “new” so to speak and in good condition. The rear tires are brand new purchased in 2015. At the point of getting the vehicle home to Phoenix, I decided to overhaul the vehicle to get it in good condition and street legal. I took it to the mechanic for him to go over from front to back, top to bottom. The mechanic told me how bad in shape the vehicle was from a mechanical standpoint. The previous owners did not know what they were doing as they were rebuilding or exchanging parts and they put cheap, ill-fitting, shaved parts on the engine and otherwise…a "clusterf*#@ if there ever was one", he said. In order to make it run and not be stranded somewhere and street legal the vehicle would need some work….a lot of work!! Since I’m not a mechanic in any way I will list the repairs I had done on the vehicle for your satisfaction. In short the major systems including the brakes, electrical and engine were REBUILT FROM GROUND UP to get the vehicle running and ready for its street legal inspection. It is now STREET LEGAL ACCORDING TO THE STATE OF ARIZONA. I have the inspection paperwork. If an out of state buyer purchases from AZ, I cannot guarantee it will be street legal in your state but probably won’t need much to pass the inspection. I’m also going to offer a conversation with my mechanic upon request to satisfy your questions. He is not just a general mechanic but one who works on Volkswagen vehicles of all dates and types and has every day for many, many years. Here are what the receipts state “Remove & Replace Motor, Build Motor, Electrical Ignition, Gasket Set, Plugs, Clutch Kit, New Case, New Crank, Cam, Lifters, Set Cam/Rod/Main Bearings, Front Wheel Used Mac?, Crank Pulley, Small Stud Kit, Head Stud Kit, Oil Pressure Switch, Set P&Ls (1600cc), New Heads Complete, New Carb, New Alt, In. Boot, Flasher, Wire & Clips, Axle Boot Kits, Horn, Horn Button & Wire, Brake Adjustment, Inner Front Wheel Bearings, Outer Front Wheel Bearings, Grease Seal, Front Brake Hoses, Set Rear Break Shoes, Brake Fluid, Rewire and Make Turn Signals Work, Remove & Replace Axle Boots, Install Horn & Wire, Remove & Replace Brake Adjustment-Front & Rear, Remove & Replace Front Brakes-Hoses and Bleed, Set Front Brake Shoes, Front Wheel Cylinder, Grease Seals, Inner Front Wheel Bearing Roller, Outer Front Wheel Bearing Roller, M/Cylinder, Reline Front Brakes, Replace Front Wheel Cylinder, Remove & Replace Left Side Bearing Races, R&R M/Cylinder”. She ran great after the work I had done, meets AZ emissions, and is street legal. The paint color is Dodge Viper blue (seller told me). Mileage unknown but running since construction in 1980 probably has put many miles on her. Since doing all this new work, mileage shouldn't be in question as engine, other system parts and tires are new. Has FM stereo/cassette that works, speakers are in good shape, roll bar, tow bar, carpet, back seat cushions, the gas gauge does not work because there is no float in the tank and nothing to hook it up to, it had mud flaps but they have been removed-Idaho required mud flaps. The body has holes for the windshield wipers however when I asked the mechanic to install he said he couldn't because there is nothing underneath to attach them to. I’ll consider any REASONABLE offers. However, this is not a giveaway! I will be happy to negotiate a payment schedule with vehicle held until 2nd or 3rd payment made (depending on number of payments scheduled) and title held in my possession until ALL payments are received. This was an expensive endeavor however during the process I made it clear to the mechanic that I wanted repairs to be completed so that when I rode around I wouldn’t be stranded and walking home or calling for help. Know that you are getting value for the price as this isn’t a blind purchase as many of these online older vehicles could be. For those local folks who want to see her, I’d be happy to make an appointment with you. I can also provide receipts to show the work that went into her. I’m offering it both locally, on Ebay, and some other sites so I reserve the right to end the listing early. Shipping/transport is up to the buyer. Please don't inquire about the name of the mechanic (unless you are serious about my buggy) or where I purchased specific parts, etc. for your own use (I won’t entertain questions about part numbers, sizes, where purchased, etc.). Most of the photos used are from when I initially got home from the purchase. Some may be from after the tires were changed and after some of the work was done in 2015.
Body Style: Dune Buggy
Transmission: Manual