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1924 Ford Model T!!! Listed by ekrugg admin This listing has been viewed 44 times

Phone: 925-584-5213
Engine Size: 4 Cyl
Model: Model T
Price: $11,500
Make: Ford
Year: 1924
Full Description: I bought this Model T about 11 years ago. I haven't put more than 100 miles on it since then. It does run. It has a 4 cylinder engine similar to what it came with when it was new. I don't know if it's the original engine, if that matters. The battery is new this year. It has been upgraded with a distributor instead of the original firing mechanism, (which I can't describe). Like I said, it does run, but it is difficult to drive in modern traffic. It has very recently been serviced. I bought it because it was something I had long wanted. I wanted to be able to drive it around town, like to work and back. Being a General Practitioner, I wasn't able to give it the attention it needs to be user friendly. The body, as you can see is in good condition and all metal, but not Concourse condition. The interior had been redone before I bought it and is in good, but not perfect condition. The windows need some attention to operate like they are supposed to. Tires are good, but obviously not new. The rims are wooden, like the originals. Once again, I am glad to answer any questions that I am able to and supply more photos if desired. About ten years ago it was appraised at $12,000. I can supply that appraisal if necessary.
Body Style: 2 Dr. Coupe
Transmission: Manual