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1966 SuperVair R Prototype Listed by ekrugg admin This listing has been viewed 5855 times

State: MA
Phone: 310-422-2037
Engine Size: 506 ci
Horse Power: 650
Price: $0
Make: Chevrolet
Year: 1966
Full Description: Body: 1966 Corvair 110 Monza automatic

Engine: 506cui internally balanced Chevrolet Big Block with Brodex heads and Brodex single-plain high-rise intake manifold, 4.3750 stroked Scat forged crank-shaft, H-beam Eagle connecting rods, chrome-moly push-rods, 9.6 to 1 JE forged pistons, ARP bolts, GM factory racing oil-pan, 1000cfm Thermal-Quad with electric choke, HEI ignition

Exhaust: custom stepped equal length 2 1/8th “ i.d. tubes, 4” collector into 3” duel exhaust with a cross-over anti-reversion chamber through open-chamber Flow-Masters

Trans-axle (drive-train): Aesthetic Design Engineering (ADELLC) automatic quick-change
Differential section: Winters 10” quick-change (1000hp rated)
Transmission section: Mike’s Power-Glide with 2400 stall torque-converter (1000hp rated)

Suspension front: Modified stock Corvair with sway-bar, coil-over and disc brakes
Suspension rear: Specific SuperVair/R prototype multi-link coil over with sway-bar

Sub-frame: .120 DOM plate and square tube

Radiator: Howe duel-pass aluminum exhausting through louvered inner fenders pumping through 1 ¼” copper tube

Fuel: 17gal. Jaz fuel cell, ADELLC hood fuel fill, Bosch 120# electric fuel pump with return, .8250 (5/8”) fuel line both feed and return

Interior: APC high-back racing bucket seats with 4 point Simpson harness, Lexan partition window to separate the drivers from the engine compartment

Instruments: Hanline 140mph spedo, 8000rpm tach, fuel, AMPS, temp

Rims and tires: front 15X7” Rallys with 225x50x15 tires, rear 15x10” Rallys with 295x50x15 tires

The SuperVair/R prototype is the culmination of 35 years Archibald Evans experience in building many late model V8 Corvairs. This street-legal race bred performance automobile is an exercise in R&D to prototype components for manufacture and sale in kit, rolling chassis and turn-key form. Its Brodex Big Block promises to put out 650hp regularly aspirated and 1000+hp with turbo-charging. The 3rd generation multi-link coil-over suspension indicates a skid-pad of 1 full “G”. The ADELLC quick-change trans-axle is all but completely bullet proof with a seemingly limitless final drive ratio. In current configuration regularly aspirated quarter mile times potentially dip into the mid-9’s at an expected 130+mph with a top speed of over 200mph. Several iterations of trans-axle and suspension have been developed in conjunction with the SuperVair/R prototype in an effort to diversify and economize production.

In 1967 Ted Trevor of Crown Mfg. in Costa Mesa Ca. started to offer mid-engine V8 conversion kits for the late model Corvair. A small block Crown CorV8 ran in the ’68-’69 Can-Am series and was in 7th place nationally against Lola’s and Chaparral’s when a crash took the car out of the series late in the season. John Player sponsored a mid-engine V8 Corvair during the same time period which won and astonishing 41 out of 49 races in a single season. A Crown CorV8 ran in the 24hrs of Riverside in the early ‘70’s finishing just laps off of the leader. David Macintosh and Mike Levine starting from 14th not only won their class but the field as well in a sanctioned SCCA event during the mid-70’s, it should be noted that a McLaren started the race on the pole… In 1969 Hot-Rod magazine tested a customer prepared street Crown V8 Corvair which had a 350hp 350cui 4spd installed a-mid-ship that went 12.22 at 105mph in the quarter. The same configuration street CorV8’s built by Ted Trevor at the time were going 11.6 at 122mph. The one Big Block car Trevor built went 10 seconds flat. Road and Track magazine referred to the mid-engine V8 Corvair as a “street legal group7 race car”, yes they were and still are…

The SuperVair/R prototype is the blue-print for an all American made super car to rival Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Saleen and the ilk at a fraction of the price. The better part of a decade and $250,000 have been invested in the SuperVair project to date. It is my hope, intention and dream to build Super Corvairs as an alternative to the current performance super cars. Finished small block cars will sell in the high $50,000 range and up with Big Block cars starting up in the $60,000+ range and turn a profit. There is nothing as unique that will perform for the price…

Interested parties should contact Archibald Evans former CEO Aesthetic Design Engineering LLC 310/422-2037 PST ade383@hotmail.com

Body Style: Monza
Transmission: Automatic