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1965 Ford Falcon Futura Convertible - Pristine Condition!! Listed by ekrugg admin This listing has been viewed 774 times

City: El Paso
State: TX
Phone: 915-241-1652
Zip: 79936
Country: United States
Miles: 70,000
Model: Futura
Price: $15,000
Make: Ford
Year: 1965
Status: Active
Full Description: Selling my '65 Falcon Futura that is in pristine original condition. I'm going to upgrade to a pro-street vintage car but this car is too nice to tear up for a pro-street conversion.

With the exception of Front Disk brakes; and MSD electronic Ignition; and an additional electric fuel pump, this car is original. No FM, no Satellite radio in the trunk, nothing that would take away from the original look of the car. The car is regularly driven a couple days a month so the mileage will not be exact but it just recently rolled to 70,000.

The car was re-painted the original factory color sometime back before I owned it so I do not know how long it's been on the car. I keep it garaged and has never seen rain as long as I have owned it.

I've replaced the entire exhaust system as well as upgraded the transmission mount to the more desirable solid crossmember that was fixed on later models of the car.

Carb, fuel pump, tires are all new and in excellent condition. Top is electric/hydraulic and works perfectly fine. There is a small 1/2" tear on the lower driverside back portion of the rag top that I have never repaired as well as the liner on the inside has some small wear spots that should either be repaired or a new top put on the car. A brand new convertible top is about $300 if you want to replace it. Not sure on the labor as I usually do my own work. Mac's Ford Parts has pretty much anything you need for these vintage fords.

Mechanically the engine and transmission are sound. As mentioned, the car is driven around the entire weekend a couple of times (sometimes more) per month to make sure everything is in working order. When I do take it out of the garage, I'll use it the entire day putting 50-100 miles on it throughout a typical weekend so I know it's in excellent condition. The car is not perfect as it's never had a complete restoration, just meticulous maintenance and care. If I were keeping it, I'd re-chrome every piece of chrome on the car as well as polish the front grill. They are not bad by any means, just not perfect show quality.

This is a car to go out on a nice day and show off. It turns heads, gets stares, as well as the occasional honk and thumbs up every single time I take it out. It can keep up with freeway traffic without any problem. Drives straight and relatively stable for a 47 year old car. I typically cruise at 65-70 on freeway, not much faster because...well, I'm not in a hurry.

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Contact: George
Phone: 915-241-1652

Body Style: 2 Dr. Convertible
Transmission: Automatic