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The founder of Coast-to-Coast Auto Connection has assembled this company to exploit the new and far reaching effect of Internet activated sales. Our business model combines new marketing techniques with modern technology to produce the most prompt results for car sales in today's marketplace. The founder and staff bring years of expertise and knowledge to our modern day business resulting in a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Here's What We Do For You

The central part of our service is the design of a web page for your car using as many as 7 photographs accompanied by rich advertising text. Once this is completed, the best marketing plan for your car is determined and launched immediately. This includes a first class ad posted on our web site in addition to postings on affiliate websites.

We also submit your advertising to online classified services. There are approx 24 other websites that we advertise to in an effort to sell your vehicle. We believe that the more exposure you have the greater the chances of selling your automobile. What's more, we advertise your car on major internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and LYCOS. Key words in our ad are designed to attract a great number of ready buyers to our site which will then display a dynamic Photo -Text of your car.

An added feature of our service includes a directory of private buyers, dealers and collectors with whom we send new listings each week. This directory has been growing since our inception and has a far reaching impact on the rapid turnover of vehicles that we sponsor.

Last but not least, financing, warranty and shipping can quickly be arranged for your sale.

In sum, we not only list your car on the most advanced car sales avenue in today's market, but we go the extra mile to aggressively promote your car for the fastest possible sale.

All of this is yours for a one-time low cost investment until your vehicle is sold. I know you will like our service because we are only happy when you are satisfied.

Thanks Karen Allen and Elaine Rugg